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A very important feature of the Grain Comfort stoves is that they do not get hot anywhere except for the small door and the immediate surrounding area.  Most proud owners place crafts and other items on the top of the stoves for added decoration.  Click to see photos.

Grain Comfort stoves are manufactured in Blyth, Ontario and are a multi fuel burning unit that will burn shelled corn, wheat, or rye. They are approved by Warnock Hersey to the standards of U.L., U.L.C., C.S.A.  The grain is available through your Grain Comfort dealer, local farmers, grain elevators, and local co-ops.  The Grain Comfort stoves are designed by a man who was involved with other corn burning stoves, and after seven years, he decided to design and patent his own model and he ironed out all the problems he saw in the other corn stoves.  

He has designed a model not for looks but for efficiency.  By double welding, and using much heavier metal that could stand up to the heat without bending or warping and would eliminate vibrations caused by the fan and dual blowers.  The use of a higher efficiency heat exchanger eliminates heat loss and smoke, a combustion chamber will stand up to a hotter heat caused by wheat.  A heat sensor is also installed which will shut down automatically if for some reason the blowers stop functioning properly and there is an excessive amount of heat buildup within the unit.

These stoves plug into a normal 110 volt outlet and use less electricity than a light bulb per day.  With the use of a small generator, you will have a complete back-up system in case of a power failure.  They can be installed in basements or used as a fireplace insert.  They do not require a firewall, but a stove board is required if it is to be placed on a combustible floor due to fire codes and regulations.  

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